Wiki Academy Kosovo 2013 

 Wiki Academy Kosovo 2013 
 22-24 February 2013, Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina 

Wikipedia Kosovo Recommended Articles Topics:

Wikipedia outline of Kosovo contains major topics that need extensive modifications and the addition of new topics in this outline from which then they will be further developed.

List of International Rankings (Kosovo is listed, update the indicators using the latest data).

International rankings of Kosovo (Example).

Politics and Institutions

Government of Kosovo (exists, revise and expand. Compile a more extensive structure of Government of Kosovo. Include the role of ministries and government agencies).

Constitution of Kosovo (revise and expand source:,1).

Politics of Kosovo (exists, revise and expand).

Executive of Kosovo (exists, revise and expand).

Assembly of Kosovo (exists, update and expand. Source: Assembly website).

Legal system of Kosovo (include the organisation of courts. Sources: KGJK, The Legal Guide to Kosovo).

Elections in Kosovo (exists, update and expand).

Foreign Relations of Kosovo (exists, expand further and then merge with Politics of Kosovo wiki entry, include the relations with EU).

European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo.

Përgjigjet e pyetësorit për përgatitjen e Studimit të Fizibilitetit për Marrëveshjen e Stabilizim Asocimit.


Economy of Kosovo (exists, update and expand. Sources: Kosovo Data, Doing Business in Kosovo World Bank Report 2013, State of the State: Indicators Based Performance).

Financial sector in Kosovo (Sources: ECIKS, The Banker, Uni Muenchen, IMF1, IMF2, List of banks).

Central Bank of Kosovo (exists, needs to be to be expanded and integrated as hyperlink whenever it is mentioned under the Economy of Kosovo wiki entry).

Foreign direct investment in Kosovo (ECIKS, Invest in Kosovo, Business Registration Agency).

Trade in Kosovo (Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo has lots of information with regards to trade in Kosovo. Trade statistics can be found at Kosovo Customs and Statistics Agency of Kosovo).

Energy in Kosovo (Very good academic paper on energy in Kosovo written by Berkley University researchers on the state of energy sector and alternatives for Kosovo, KEK, SHERK (when writing on renewable energy), World Bank article on energy of Kosovo.

Transport in Kosovo (Airports, railroads, highways. Sources):

Tourism in Kosovo (Sources: Kosovo Guide, Prishtina in your Pocket, Kosovo, 2nd: The Bradt Travel Guide).

WikiVoyage Kosovo (This is Wikimedia project but it is worth to edit this page after the content on tourism and culture is generated it can simply be transferred to Wiki Voyage Kosovo)

Natural Resources of Kosovo (exists as a section under the Economy article, can be expanded into stand-alone article. Source).

Agriculture in Kosovo (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of the Republic of Kosovo).

Environment of Kosovo (Source).


Demographics of Kosovo (expand and update by using the latest census data).

Kosovan Diaspora (exists, but needs to be expanded by providing more information and also present the success stories from each major country in which it is present. Sources: Kosovo Diaspora and Minitry of Diaspora).

Population of Kosovo (exists, use the latest census data to update).

Crime in Kosovo.

War Crimes in Kosovo (exists, expand and include major massacres, perpetrators. Verify existing sources. Consider individual articles for major massacres, use: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Humanitarian Law Center, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Humanitarian Law Center).

Kosovo student poisoning incidents of 1990’s.

Cuisine in Kosovo (,227).

Healthcare in Kosovo (ex. Healthcare in the United States).

Historical topics (Sources: Kosovo: A Short History, Kosovo: What Everyone Needs to Know, Kosovo: War and Revenge, Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency).

Create a Timeline of History of Kosovo (example Timeline of French History).

Atlas of Kosovo (update by adding new maps).

Education in Kosovo (Source: MASHT).

Sports in Kosovo (Headings to consider: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Table tennis, Individual sports where Kosovars excel most, add all sports federations that exist in Kosovo)

Kosovar Civil Society (role of Kosovar Civil Society before and after the war. Kosovo was often labeled as a big NGO before the war when the so called “parallel society” developed including education and healthcare as a result of oppression, is rare example in the world and worth writing about it. Source: KCSF, A Changing Society, A Changing Civil Society Kosovo’s NGO Sector After the War- KIPRED).

Media in Kosovo:

  • » print, radio, TV, web/internet etc. Source: KPM
  • » make lists wiki entries of newspapers, radio, TV, Web portals
  • » example to consider Media in the United States

Healthcare in Kosovo (Ministry of Health).


Culture of Kosovo (to cover or as potential separate articles: Dokufest, Prishtina Jazz Festival, Skena Up, Anibar, Prishtina Kamerfest, Hasi Jehon, Rock për Rock etc.),214

Music of Kosovo (includes all genres. exists, needs to be expanded).

Classical music in Kosovo.

Traditional music in Kosovo.

Cinematography in Kosovo.

Theatre in Kosovo.

National Arts Gallery of Kosovo.

Literature in Kosovo.

National and University Library of Kosovo.

Poetry in Kosovo.

Science in Kosovo (Source: ASHAK).

Cultural Heritage

Monuments in Kosovo (a list and short description of monuments which may later turn into separate articles by own right; include historical, cultural, natural and religious monuments not already covered by individual articles).

Traditional Costumes in Kosovo.

Architecture in Kosovo.

Sources: Kosovo Council for Cultural Heritage, UNESCO Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe: KOSOVO .

Geography and Climate

Forests in Kosovo.

Mountains in Kosovo.

Hiking in Kosovo (Sources: Hiking Njeri, Hiking Kosovo, Alpine-Mountaineering Federation of Kosova).

Rivers in Kosovo.

Tourism in Kosovo.

Sources: your school geography textbooks.

List of general sources


Last but not least, always consider existing references from existing Wikipedia articles in English and other languages.

Government Websites


Your school textbooks in any language.

Historical Dictionary of Kosovo.

A list of history books about Kosovo.




The project is organized within the Digital Diplomacy Strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo.