Wiki Academy Kosovo 2017 

 Wiki Academy Kosovo 2017 
 October 30, 2017, Ponder Workshop: Wiki Academy Edition 

Rules/Frequently Asked Questions

Wikipedia Academy Competition has very simple rules for the participants:

Photo Contest

General Photo Contest Guidelines

Your photo should feature Kosovo and its people. They should not only be of high quality but also illustrate topics worthy of an encyclopedia such as views of cultural and natural monuments, towns, mountains, architecture, social life, portraits of important personalities etc. Photos should not contain watermarks, be uploaded to the to the Wikimedia Commons (a repository of media files that can be used by all Wikimedia projects) and be properly categorized under the Kosovo category.

Please browse relevant articles of other countries for inspiration on what type of photos to submit. Number of photos that can be submitted is unlimited and increases your chances of winning.

Note that by submitting your media files to the Commons, you release them under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license (legal code). These legal terms promotes spreading of information and content created without hindrance, which is also the goal of this project in the case of Kosovo. Please contact us if you have questions about rights release or anything else.

What are the main criteria for the winning photos?
Images on Wikipedia should be of encyclopedic nature. They should be relevant and increase readers' understanding of the subject matter. In general, images should depict the concepts described in an existing or potential article. Images should depict their content well (the object of the image should be clear and central). Please see the Wikipedia policy on photos to be submitted to Wikipedia.
Do you accept links to photos posted on Facebook?

No. We cannot accept links to photos posted on Facebook; your photos from Facebook or elsewhere should be submitted to Wikimedia Commons and their links provided to us via our photo contest application form to be considered by the jury. This makes those photos easier to use in Wikipedia projects and ensures your photos are appropriately licensed.

Can you help me with uploading photos?
See this video guide about how to upload photos to Wikimedia Commons.
If you still need help, please contact us at
I have some very old pictures that were taken by one of my family member in the early 1900s but I am not sure who exactly. I am the only one who has these pictures. Can I post them under my name?
We encourage uploading of historical photos regardless who the author is, as long as it is not against the law. According to copyright law in Kosovo, pictures pass into the public domain (lapse copyright protection) 70 years after the author’s death. In case that the author has passed on his rights to the holder of the photos, then the latter can upload (license) them even before the legal term mentioned above expires. However, the authorship remains the same forever. If the authorship or the publisher is unknown, then you may publish the photos until it it proven otherwise.
If I have an old picture that is slightly damaged, am I allowed to edit and restore it so it can be put to the initial condition?
Picture restoration is acceptable if it does not change their original character. To be fair to the public, you may upload the original version and then the restored one on top of it. Wikimedia Commons gives you this technical possibility.

Article Contest

General Article Contest Guidelines

Your article content should feature topics on or related to Kosovo and its people.
Your final article should be in English.

Contributors should hold all rights to the article/photographs submitted and agree to license such contributions per Wikipedia's copyright license contribution policy.

Your article should contain illustrative photos (may be sourced elsewhere in Wikipedia or from those submitted during the photo contest), have proper references, be properly categorized and be linked to other articles in Wikipedia.

Sample articles will be posted prior to the event.

What should I write about?
Write about what you know best. For your assistance, we have compiled a list of articles that need to be written from zero or exist but need further expansion. You are welcome to come up with other articles. Browse English Wikipedia articles related to other countries to get an idea on topics and what good articles looks like.
What are the main criteria for the winning articles?
Your article should feature current, well researched and referenced information. Your article should be balanced, with neutral point of view and in compliance with the English Wikipedia policies. Level of language written should be quite high.
Who can present the articles?
Representative of a team, and individual participants who are participating without team.
Who will win the competition?
Those articles and photos which suit all criteria requirements and are voted by the jury members based on quality.
Will I receive any help from mentors/speakers?
Participating teams will be guided by mentors in Saturday/Sunday. We encourage you to come to keynote speeches and panels, but these are not mandatory, you are free to continue working on your article.
Can you help me with wiki editing/posting photos?
See this guide about how to edit a wiki. Everything saved in a wiki is a version of that article in time, so nothing will be deleted or permanently damaged and you can always revert to older versions.

We have a dedicated person that can help you with technical wiki issues, please contact us at for help. During the academy, you will receive further help on the details. We encourage you to experiment but at the same time urge you to focus on writing the content first.

Who should attend Wikipedia Academy?
If you love writing, researching and want your work to be seen in one of the ten most visited websites in the world, this is your chance. Both individuals and teams can participate in Wikipedia Academy. Teams of at least 2 and maximum 4 persons are allowed to enter the Wikipedia Academy competition. One participant per team may be a teacher mentor.
What makes a good team?
A well rounded team would have strong research and writing skills, someone who is comfortable with posting content online and a mentor with experience in writing and expertise in a topic. For example maybe you are in a class at school on Literature and your professor is a published poet. You and two or three of your classmates decide to form a team which researches and presents content online about Kosovar poetry - where it has its roots, different threads in the literature, renowned or famous poets, excerpts from examples of poetry. You would approach your professor to serve as your team mentor and one of you would register your team for the Wiki Academy.
Do I need to register?
Yes. Please fill in the online application form to be invited to attend the Academy. A team should be registered by a representing member, also specifying the names of the other team members, the topic they propose to work on and the name of the team. Other team members don't need to register separately. Participating in the Wiki Academy is free of charge, thanks to our supporting partners.
Can I participate without a team?

Yes, you can participate as an individual participant.

If you don’t have a team or a mentor we will match you. To participate you need to submit an application form to the organizers who will select final entrants.

Why do we need mentors?
Researching and writing high quality, objective content of interest to a wide audience is not something a novice can do without practice and support. We are recruiting experts in a variety of topics to support the teams and encourage the teams to approach their professors and teachers at school and university to join their team. Mentors who sign up with a team will be provided a small honorarium for their support.
I am not in Kosovo, can I still participate?
Yes. It's open for anyone worldwide that can write articles showcasing Kosovo in the mentioned categories. However, to qualify for the prizes you or someone from your team needs to be in Kosovo. You can select someone to represent you in Kosovo.
Is this only for Albanians in Kosovo?
Wiki Academy is open to all interested in improving the online content available on topics related to Kosovo. Anyone who is willing to adhere to the high standards of presenting impartial, quality content is welcome to participate. Teams interested in presenting content on all topics including ethnic and religious minorities and on places outside of the main cities are strongly encouraged to apply.
What is the language in the Wikipedia Academy?
The event will be held in English.
Who are the jury members?
Wiki experts (to be announced soon) and implementing partners representatives.
What should I bring?
You can bring everything you need to work: a laptop, research material, books, etc. We will offer good internet connectivity at the venue and plenty of food and drinks. For any special requirement please reach us by email

Visit this page often as we constantly add new FAQs that are coming from participants.