Wiki Academy Kosovo 2017 

 Wiki Academy Kosovo 2017 
 October 30, 2017, Ponder Workshop: Wiki Academy Edition 

The agenda for next editions will be published here

Opening Ceremony and Presentations

  • 17:00Doors open
  • 18:00Welcoming note, opening speeches by special guests
  • 18:30Panel – "Wikipedia and Kosovo"
  • 19:00Article topic and team presentations by applicants (30 sec. each)
  • 20:00Networking night

"Article Development"

  • 09:30Doors open/Breakfast
  • 10:00Opening Circle - what the day is about, what we hope to accomplish, Q&A.
  • 10:30Writing your first article (series of presentations):
    Picking a topic;

    Researching for Wikipedia

    Wikipedia Manual of Style;

    Notability, referencing, and responding to deletion debates;
  • 11:30Work on Articles
  • 13:00Lunch
  • 14:00Parallel presentations:
    as a platform for scientific information;

    Wikipedia campus ambassadors;

    Chapter boot-up;

    Wikipedians in Residence and QRpedia;

    Wikipedia/Wikimedia and Human Rights;

    Wikimedia Commons.
  • 15:00Work on Articles
  • 17:00Panel – Wikipedia and GLAMs
  • 18:00Closing Circle - How did we do with our agenda, what will the next day hold, questions/comments
  • 18:30Dinner
  • 19:00Work on Articles
  • 20:00Mentors will be free to leave

"Article completion and posting"

  • 09:30Doors open/Breakfast
  • 10:00Series of presentations: Amphitheater
    Wikis in the educational process

    Science GLAMs - Daniel Mietchen

    Free educational resources
  • 11:00Work on Articles
  • 13:20Lunch
  • 14:00Posting of articles to Wikipedia
  • 17:00Panel: Community and Bias – Global Wikipedia community, Balkan Wikipedias, Biases
  • 18:00Closing Circle - Article Presentations (45 secs each)
  • 19:00Jury Deliberations
    Judges review the articles and select winners
  • 20:00Cocktail
    Award Ceremony
    Announcement of Article and Photography Winners